Audio Production

Audio production is a huge part of DeusLensMachina studio. This isn't a big and professional audio studio where you will record a new platinum album, but I can handle a decent amount of recordings and mixing here!

Long before I started doing photography, video, and graphic design, I was doing hip-hop & rap production. It all started almost 15 years ago and in this time I learned how to make beats, mix vocals, clean recordings, and even master audio materials.

At DLM you can record vocals, guitars, small bands or groups, and mix all kinds of audio projects. Just keep in mind to contact me before buying recording time. I might not have enough space to record what you have in mind, after all, it is a small, in-house, non-professional audio studio!

I also arrange audio in video materials so if you need complete audio-video production and even custom background music and instrumentals, I can probably do it. Just hit me up with your ideas so we can brainstorm together and make your ideas boom!

For pricing click here and for more info contact me using the contact form.

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