Video Editing

Same as graphic design, video editing is a crucial part of my business and it goes hand in hand with photography. Of course, I sometimes do videos, mainly for brands that want to advertise their products on social media or for other content creators that need something shot in better quality.

I can shoot your video up to 4k - 10bit - 60fps in V-LOG format. I know, this doesn't mean anything to you if you aren't a video creator but let's put it this way. This means you will get stunning 4k footage and even slow motion if needed for that extra special "action movie" feeling and on top of that your footage can be color graded to look exactly how you want it.

I can shoot almost anything, be it a social media ad, tv commercial, or a full-blown documentary. The only constraints are your ideas and budget! Ideas I can help with and as far as budget is concerned, I will make sure to give you the best price I can. The basic rule of thumb is - the longer the recording, the cheaper it gets, as with photo shooting.

For more info you will need to contact me as pricing for shooting video will vary greatly depending on what is being shot.

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